Perf10 /▲▲▮✖ №1 ‘One month till summer’ by Remedy

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About Mixtape: Sunset. Beach. Parties. Heat. Love. Music. Summer. Yeah! I recorded ‘one month till summer’ to start Perf10 and tried to remember last summer and imagine what it would be this time… Then, I caught myself with a smile on my face! The mix, ten perfect tracks and 34 minutes of imagination and slowly changing mood. Bump up your speakers a bit louder and begin the journey!

Instrumental / hip-hop

Dakta – Green Leefz (Springtime)

Pripažinsiu, nors orai dar prastoki, bet su šiais garsais, tikras pavasaris apsilankys jūsų kūne – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 09. Better Dayz
  • 10. Restrain
  • 11. Nebulous

About Dakta

Instrumental / hip-hop / Chillout

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