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Helldogs Kris – ld Fashioned


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. Like This [feat. sLanguage]
  • 02. Rose Garden [feat. Awon]
  • 03. Back to Basics [feat. Kenji]
  • 04. You’ve Changed
  • 07. 84 Palm Tree [feat. Coast Vega]

About Helldogs Kris: Helldogs Kris looks at what people around him are doing, what kind of music they are listening to, what clothes they are wearing… and can’t help but feel a little old fashioned. This is not because he is old, but rather that he appreciates the tastes of a previous generation. Shopping for vintage clothing, old vinyl records and enjoying the simple pleasures of life are what Dr. Kris prescribes his patients. The HDK style of hip hop is reminiscent of the old school thanks to his sample selection which stems from his love for music from the past. There is no theme or concept to this album. It is about taking it easy and doing what you love, even if some people may call you……Old Fashioned https://soundcloud.com/helldogs-kris

hip-hop / beats / instrumental

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