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FTK – Dilla Forever


great musicians presents simplisticflowin beats – Arkisound 

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Brock Berrigan – Salud
  • 05. Languid – Forever Goodbyes
  • 08. Achun – Wut U Gut

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beats / instrumental

Midnight Kids Academy – Class of MMXII

Common goal is very nice

...Don’t MisS! 05. Wisdom of Heron...

A memorandum of events and frequencies orchestrated by the Midnight Kids Academy in the year 2011.

Midnight Kids Academy (MDNK) is a worldwide artist collective of musicians, graphic designers, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers, models, taste makers and other like-minded individuals working together in the name of original Art and Creative Thinking. Each artist‘s contribution is unique and organically evolves to create a synergy allowing us to move in ways that would not be possible on our own. Our numbers are increasing by the day and we are constantly applying our influence into different ventures. The results of our collective works have the potential to be profound. We as individuals and as a whole have the ability to control the outcome of our future.

hip-hop / beats / instrumental / electro


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