#Weekly Soundy: Noah King – Renegade Soldier (over ILLusionist – Keep Running) (DJ Hazey82 Mash Up)

Absolutely amazing song^rap skillz^beats skillz^in a perfect combination – Arkisound

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DJ Hazey 82 – ILLusionist Mash Ups


...Don’t MisS! 01. Lamp Posts & Neon Lights [feat. Blu] (over ILLusionist – Summer Morning) 02. Renegade Soldier (over ILLusionist – Keep Running) 03. Spread Your Wings [feat. Deacon] (over ILLusionist – Lovers) 06. Substantial – Good Company (over ILLusionist – I Go Crazy) 09. Trace Blam – Summer In The City (over ILLusionist – Your Eyes) 13. Yesterday and Today (over ILLusionist – Yesterday)...

About Mixtape: This is a free mix, so please share it with everyone and spread the love! All of these artists are featured here out of respect and appreciation for their talents. Please support them by purchasing their music, clothing, concert tickets, etc. Thanks for listening! Peace – DJ Hazey 82.

from Arkisound: I do this rarely, but this mixtape is amazing you have to listen these songs~ I believe you really enjoy and support this stuff from IllusionistDJ Hazey 82 !!!

Direct Download Link here and if you wanna hear only Illusionist instrumentals from his albumMy Wayhope in here ^^



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So yeah summer is over ~_~ but don’t be sad! I prepare new Monthly#Soundy#5 compilation to your soul and ears, have a great time with these beautiful sounds and enjoy this life like never before, because music heals everything!~

Like always enjoy these great musicians~ Mikos Da Gawd, Bop Alloy, Steph, Sapphic Songstress, Jacob 2-2, M.A.E.,  Ayinde, Michael Franco, Marco Fonktana, Pumpkin, Lakim, VD, Illusionist, Fingalick, TenLittleRabbits ~ Support this music, One Love~

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