Joseph Jacobs

Joseph Jacobs – Full Circle


lovely jazzy sounds~enjoy N support great jazz-hop music~ – Arkisound

About Album: “Full Circle” is Joseph Jacobs sixth album release with Roots of Society Records, following his last successful title “Resonant Sounds”. This is a 16 track nujazz/hip-hop instrumental album. If you enjoy the sounds, please stop by Joseph’s social media page and let him know how you feel about the album.

From Joseph Jacobs: “When I was working on the album and finishing up college, a lot of things in my life were kind of coming around full circle so I tried to reflect it in the tracks by blending some elements of my older work (recording techniques, environments, instrument types, etc) with some of my newer elements.

jazz-hop / instrumental / beats

Joseph Jacobs – Many Reasons


...Don’t MisS! 02. Many Reasons 05. All Around Me 08. Contact...

The nature of beauty~ ^^ Don’t miss!

About Joseph Jacobs:

From Roots of Society: “Many Reasons” is Joseph Jacobs third instrumental installment with Roots of Society Records, following “Illumination” & “In The Early Hours”. This album features 10 jazzy hip-hop instrumentals for your listening pleasure. Please download and share with your friends, thank you all for the continued support!

jazz-hop / instrumental / beats

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