Lomovolokno – At Least Never Remixes


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. OverlayStar (Rémo Remix)
  • 04. She (Jean Du Voyage Remix)
  • 12. Overlay Star (Htrspltn Remix)
  • 14. She (Sker Remix)

About Compilation: For the second anniversary we prepared a special gift for you. Lomovolokno’s album “at least never” is back in your speakers with new fresher remixed form by Producer around the globe ( USA , Russia , Japan , UK , France… etc. ) Artists are taking on an epic journey with young Russian producer through his world full of broken sounds. Album is filled with instrumental hip-hop beats , downtempo , chill out and and of course looped samples of female vocals characteristic to Lomovolokno’s style ,twisting melodies, building sounds and crossing notes leads his way to first field recordings resulting in an influx of elements ranging from waves of the sea, the wind, sand, crackling noises, banging and rustling becoming a part of his sound.


beats / hip-hop / experimental / downtempo

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