j.robb – comeagainn

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from j.robb: its 3 days into the new year at 5 am and ive been up since 11 am yesterday so im already back into not sleeping. this is gonna be a problem later in life but until then u get music.

hip-hop / beats 

Qman1 – Together


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 08. LOVE
  • 11. Yemin [feat. Ciscero]
  • 12. Chi (Version 2)

From Qman1: Hope you enjoy the ambient, experimental and hip hop genres contained within.

experimental / ambient / hip-hop / beats

Jay IDK feat. Eddie Vanz – Two Hoes [Prod. By Noo$] [Remastered]

Rhymes Galore~enjoy – Arkisound

About Jay IDK


Tom Bombadil – Fall Down Seven


...Don’t MisS! 01. And Love 02. A Jawn I did with Shango...

from Tom Bombadil: Decided to make an experimental project at around 147 BPM. Trying to explore more with frequencies and just have fun with it.

Video from Poison Shore~

experimental / beats

CaZ the Producer – The Russell Tape EP


About CaZ the Producer: I am an adaptable, versatile, and ambitious designer with a varied background in design, illustration, and music. I love learning about new techniques and applying them. I love having fun, but when it comes to work I am more than capable of getting the job done. I love custom type and hand lettering, music, illustration, sports, and design.

instrumental / beats / hip-hop


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