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Mello Music Group – Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics


Turbulance Compilation 4 us, 4 you, 4 me, 4 all – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. No Design To This [feat. Fredro Starr] [prod. Audible Doctor]
  • 03. Beast Mode [feat. Verbal Kent] [Cuts by DJ Eclipse] [prod. Kaz-1]
  • 05. Murs & Apollo Brown – The Pain Is Gone
  • 14. Le Boulevard Montmartre (instrumental) [prod. Oddisee]
  • 16. fOnk Mantra (Tut’s Return) [prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow]

About Compilation: Following a triumphant 2013 for the Mello Music Group label, with full-length releases from Oddisee, Quelle Chris, Ugly Heroes, 14KT and Gensu Dean & Planet Asia to name a few, Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics celebrates the breadth of talent on deck over sixteen carefully-selected new tracks. Showcasing the depth of lyricists and producers that the MMG squad has to offer, the LP delivers everything from brag rap workouts, electro funk excursions, tales of relationships turned sour and late night kush soundtracks. Acting as both an ideal introduction to the Mello Music Group roster for newer listeners and a celebration of the strength of the label for existing fans, Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics is an essential experience for anyone with an ear for soulful music that isn’t afraid to stay down to earth while shooting for the stars.

hip-hop / instrumental

from Apollo Brown – Thirty Eight [I]

About Apollo Brown

instrumental / beats / hip-hop

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown – Daily Bread


...Don’t MisS! 03. Something 05. Elephants 07. Weak Won’t Do 13. Higher [feat. Finale] 18. Night Time [Bonus Track]...

lyrics, flow and beats = supreme!~

About Album: Back with that grit, tell the soundman to turn this sh*t up. New York MC Hassaan Mackey slangs words and onomatopoeia, rhymes like he wants to, and backs the whole room into a corner with a raw vision of the streets that pierces ordinary experience and gets at life’s marrow. Meanwhile Detroit producer Apollo Brown lays the sonic foundation with hard drums and big bass, while the crackle of vinyl hums. Gritty and soaked in soul, Daily Bread brings to mind an old photograph that bangs out the system. Each track is heavy with a sense of atonement, haunted by experience, and energized by a cathartic sense of hope. Give us our Daily Bread and forgive us our trespasses.


Duke Westlake – Re​.​Turn


...Don’t MisS! 07. Roundabout 13. Breakdown 20. Pescado Pesado 23. Tudo Bem 26. Everyone Changes 31. Stars Above Me [feat. Jeremiah Jae]...

Enjoy your time with yourself!

About Duke Westlake

instrumental / beats/ jazzy / hip-hop

Oddisee – The Beauty In All

a2758164736_2 ...Don’t MisS! 01. After Thoughts 16. Own Appeal 23. Tommorow Today...

Listen attentively for these beautiful sounds~

About Oddisee

About The Beauty in All: Is about the flaws & mistakes that give life its character and worth – how even ignorance can give light to knowledge. For me, not knowing how to do something & still trying is a process that helped my production style evolve. If everything we are is out in perfect tutorials, we might never deviate from the teacher. This record is dedicated to imperfection and the sense of pride & accomplishment we get from our struggles. Hopefully, you listen to this record, reflect on the ups & downs of life, and see the beauty in all.”

About Tangible Dream Mixtape: I live in a gentrified part of Brooklyn, I eat out several times a week, I travel the world sampling the best that cities across the globe have to offer. Do I live in a penthouse loft? Am I dinning in five stars restaurants? Can you only find me in the most exclusive areas? Do I own a jet? The answer to all the above is most certainly no. I’m just a regular man from Prince George’s county, Maryland that figured shit out. I discovered that I can make a career in an arena dominated by artists that sell false dreams. I realized that although the masses may not know of my body of work, it doesn’t take the whole world to have the world I want. Tangible Dream is a mix-tape dedicated to the deconstruction of our traditional ideas of success & shedding light on the possibility of a sustainable rap life. These rhymes were written in economy class seats, these beats were produced on long bus trips & these songs were recorded in airbnb apartments. All I want to do is make music for a living so that I can live to make music. The only dreams I’m interested in are the ones I can grasp. It just so happens that anything you want bad enough can be obtained. Perhaps the world may never know of my accomplishments but accomplishments they are nonetheless.

instrumental / beats / hip-hop


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