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Arkisound Discoveries #1

My little project Arkisound livin’ like a human – day by day~ and bringin’ new sounds~ to your soul and mind and Im very happy with that. I hope who stop by in Arkisound page and discovers something new and gets good feelings is brilliant~ Music is remedy for you, for me, for all people in our world.

Today I share my discoveries. You like gaming? No? Yes? I had many hobbies, one of them is gaming~ Why? I like adventures, searching new worlds, listen they stories and of -course games soundtracks. This is like reading book (I like reading as well), when your minds goes away and you imagining in your head new places, characters, paths. So when i discover this music~ I completely return to 8-bit era and that was wonderful~ Listen”


...Don’t MisS! 03. Yuma 05. Church II...

from Carl FUGAThis is New Retro Wave/80s/Gadget music record. I did it, as i did all previous albums… First of all, feel something for someone and then as a good photographer take a picture… Yup… This album is like a collection of feelings… 🙂

electro / retro / 8-bit

if you like jazz-hop / instrumental music, you need to visit Mijin Lee youtube page, where you can find a lot songs in this genre. Support and Subcribe her chanell~

If you wanna share your discoveries, please please write in email:

– Arkisound 



Hello again~ about one month I was missing, the reason was my diploma, job, health~. In a short way: Diploma (Yes finally I did it~ ^^ happy happy about this one), Job (strange place, I wanna be freelancer and that’s my future), health (oh my, we played beach football with basketball players. Final score: injured leg, shoulder and butt~ yeah butt bone ^_^).

In this picture is Ana Frank (if you wanna know more please check this link). I’m reading her diary and it’s really good, so I decided that this week will be Ana’s Frank tribute week with her thoughts.

From today my music posts will be shorter (because I wanna devote more time to my expression, my skills & study study study ~ english grammar, dictionary and beatmaking~)

In other hand: It’s summer sale in Digi crates, all albums is for 3 dollars (grab it!!!!).

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Yeah it’s Springtime and I lovin’ it~ Sunny Sunny dayz, big smileys in faces & of course i’m waiting when temperature goes warmer. In other side i wanna put new thing to Arkisound.NeT. What is it going to be?

#1. A few times in a month I will write in category “Day by Day” – It will be a little about me, about Arkisound projects, music, artists, parties~ I will create new pages 4 “Day by Day” & “Monthly#Soundy“.

#2. Starting in March, Arkisound releasing monthly project “Arkisound presents: Monthly#Soundy“. 10 tracks in one piece~genre: instrumental/hip-hop/jazz-hop/beats. Of course it will be indie/underground/less well-know artists.

#3. Release Mix: Nujadays (It will be 10 greatest (in my mind) tracks of Nujabes). I wanna do this before Summertime ^^

I have one crazy-dreamy project ^^ maybe in summer I will start this and we will see if I can do this. Maybe with your help it goes smoothly~

One Love~Piece, have a good Spingtime~!

p.s. if you have any questions, wanna help or join Arkisound project, please write in email:


New Path. New Way ^^

When Arkisound was 2 months in shut down mode, it was very sad 4 me, because i love what i’m doing. Share great music with others, taste different sounds, promote others music and enjoy each sound element, its amazing journey ^^ This little web page was in free server (who wanna know, go there –S-). Then they shut down this page, because Arkisound didn’t followed their TOS. In a few words “They don’t like promotion sites”….Then i became ill, because my immunity system this year is so lazy and of course i didn’t go in the job. So little by little i got back on my feet and i find a new server (of course you have pay) but in other side it’s very great, because they have very good HELP TEAM, if you have question, then you get straight answer and i love it. Today Arkisound is back in full-rate and i hope you enjoy and visit this page when you wanna hear another sound of nature. One love ^^

– Arkisound (i know my english is poor, so sorry for my errors)

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