#Weekly Soundy: Kayloo x Silo – Cadillac

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About song: We have been waiting for this collaboration to happen. Thankfully, it did and the wait has been been worthwhile. Paris meets Leuven, where Kayloo and Silo both compliment each other so well in ‘Cadillac‘. The title pretty much speaks for itself, as it is an ideal track for driving or jogging into the pink sunset. With Silo’s signature chords floating over Kayloo’s 808 basslines, the track builds itself into a smooth slo-mo house tempo, showcasing the duo’s versatility. |

beats / electro

Zo aka La chauve-souris – Mississip’hip 45T


Vibe your head, because it’s all right – Arkisound

About Zo aka La chauve-souris: t might be because he prefers polishing for the umpteemph times a track in his « Bat Cave » rather than promoting itself, Zo aka La chauve-souris has been remaining for years one of the best kept secret as far as contemporary HipHop prods is concerned. “La Chauve-Souris” means “The Bat” in French. Now, Zo is back with a limited Vinyl 7″ featuring of Phat Kat & Raashan Ahamd and entitled « Mississip’hip » for announcing his full lenght album for the end of year with Cascade Records! This time, he’s drawing on his inspiration in the Afro American roots, in Blues and Gospel.

hip-hop / beats

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