The Jazz Jousters – Locations: Poland


Like always enjoy N support~ Peace – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 04. SLONE – Walkboard in Gdynia
  • 06. B3NBi – If These Walls…
  • 09. Vinkate – Don’t Stop The Move

About Compilation: Due to several people within and outside of the collective who often suggested the Jousters attempt a project sampling Polish Jazz, this one was a long time coming. Locations: Poland is the 7th volume in the Locations series following the Japan, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Nigeria and France projects. This release is slightly later than planned, so apologies to all that have been waiting eagerly for this session. You may be happy to know we have already begun digging in the crates and getting straight to work on the next session which focuses on Jazz music from Canada. Thank you all for your continued support in helping us to keep these sessions alive. For now, be well and keep Jousting. Enjoy!! https://soundcloud.com/millenniumjazz

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Bodziers – SP Remixes


enjoy smooth music with classic rhymes – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 01. phat kat – nasty ain’t it
  • 03. kev brown – say sumthin
  • 05. dwazera – wszystko się pali

About Mixtape: Six straight hip hop beats with some acapellas on it. All beats are one floppy joints made on the sp1200 with only 10 sec. of sampling time, mixed and mastered a little bit on the pc. Enjoy it! https://soundcloud.com/bodziers-on


The Boomjacks – Moments in Space and Time


...Don’t MisS! 02. The Search 09. Spirits...

About The Boomjacks: is beatmaker duo from Kuopio, Finland. The duo consists of brothers known as Jyri & Villejam, both having a strong musical background. The brothers started making beats separately but eventually ended up working together in late December 2008. The production of The Boomjacks could be characterized as eclectic hip hop and boom bap. It’s basis is on heavy sampling and hard hitting drums. After a couple of years of making beats for MC’s only, The Boomjacks decided to alter their approach to beats and began releasing their instrumentals for listeners. In January 2011 The Boomjacks started with Beats series, a very straight-forward, well received continuum of beat tapes that spans to four volumes at the moment. In November 2012 The Boomjacks released a conceptual instrumental album, Beats of Ice and Fire, which was inspired by George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels and HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series adaptation. It was shortly followed by a jazz-funk inspired instrumental release Butter & Jam. In July 2013 The Boomjacks released a collaborative EP together with the Pennsylvania based MC Apollo’s Sun, The Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1. The last months they have spent working on new instrumental material for Moments in Space and Time. http://theboomjacks.com/

from JyriThe current project is something we started over two years ago, or basically a project of that feel was started back then. Originally the work title for it was “Moods & Grooves”, though it was on the stage where we kept it just between us, so never mentioned it publicly. It was supposed to be a project that works even more as an album of instrumentals than our “Beats” series. We set up a few beats but ended up ditching it for a while and some of the other originally intended beats ended up on “Beats vol. 4”. It now contains maybe two beats that were somewhat rearranged from the earlier versions and a few other beats that we have been sitting on, waiting for the a project they would fit on properly plus a few completely new beats. “Moods & Grooves” felt inadequate for the project title. The beats on the tape try to reach a mood, and basically what they do is take capture an instant in the four dimensions we all live in, so that’s the origins of the title “Moments in Space and Time“. Hip Hop with Soul.

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