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Joe Corfield – Phase Shift

enjoy N support great hip-hop music from Joe Corfield – Arkisound

About Album: With Phase Shift, Joe Corfield adds new words to the definition of Instrumental Hip Hop in the dictionary. The young british producer delivers a breathtaking album that will please all Hip Hop fans around the globe. The whole is even complemented by some very interesting features such as FloFilz, O’malley, Sigmund & Kosyne! All put together this brings you one of the finest albums released on Radio Juicy. The perfect way to start a brilliant Summer.

beats / hip-hop / instrumental / jazzy

Robanzee – Like We Mean It


~enjoy N support great hip-hop music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 08. Scrap
  • 09. Hungover Birds
  • 10. Shes The Prototype

About Robanzee: 22 year old producer, rapper and dj, robanzee drops his first physical tape with Radio Juicy. Although he is currently working on his debut LP and different new tapes with interesting collabs. We were pretty blessed he took the time to put together this funky tape for funky people. Like We Mean It brings life to his wild imagination when it comes to sampling. With many different sources of inspiration this project is a pretty good view of robanzee style mixing up old school funk and new era hip hop. The whole thing with a very laidback attitude will be perfect sound for a tape imprint and a must have for the regular collector.

beats / hip-hop / funk / instrumental

Mono:Massive & Philanthrope – Monothrope


Massive jazzy vibes~enjoy N support great music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Wake Up
  • 06. Do Some Real
  • 11. Change

About Album: Massive jazzy vibes from Austrians producers Mono:Massive and Philanthrope joining forces on this LP for Radio Juicy called Monothrope. The collaboration on this project is a revelation, you’ll recognize the sweet and familiar vibes from both artists and something new, like a spark in the middle of the night. Their joint effort brought life to a captivating album, from start to end it will transport you and you’ll be left wanting for more. This is a unique release that we feel privileged to present to you. Enjoy and let it flow. |

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

Pawcut – Nightmare City


~enjoy N support great jazz-hop music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. Thin [feat. N-Omega & Dre Skuffs];;
  • 04. Parade
  • 07. Breakadawn
  • 11. Nightmare City
  • 13. Waiting For The Barbarians [feat. Billy Woods]
  • 16. Clean Sweep [feat. Zen-Zin & Dj Access]
  • 21. Thin [Instrumental]
  • 23. Waiting For The Barbarians [Instrumental]
  • 24. Clean Sweep [Instrumental]

About Pawcut

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

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