Bain – After (Moods Remix)

After all bad things, listen this!!! – Arkisound

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Scruffnuk Dust – The Dusty Planets

a2421767493_2  ...Don’t MisS! 02. Breakfast 06. Love Affair 18. My baby betta stay 26. No One!...

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instrumental / beats / hip-hop

Moods – Drifting Along

Driftin with amazing sound ^^

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instrumental / beats

Moods – Traveling Through Sound


...Don’t MisS! 04. Walkman Music [Moods Remix] 06. In The Ghetto [Moods Remix] 08. Harcore Hip-Hop [Moods Remix] 11. Timeless 12. I Used To Love Her [Moods Remix]...

Sunday music relaxation~

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hip-hop / instruemntal / beats

Moods – Seasons EP


...Don’t MisS! 02. Love is Real...

Rain | Snow | Green | Sun

from Moods: Oh yeah.. I need to tell something about this EP right. These 6 tracks were made through the 4 seasons. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. And yes some tracks I made a couple of years back. But I still think they’re doing the job for this EP. All I can say is enjoy the ride. Cheers, Moods.

instrumental / beats / hip-hop


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