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Today Arkisound presents Remixes#1, if you love old school rap, this is for you! Now these tracks sounds different, but in very good way ^^ I hope you enjoy these beats and share with other people, so they can find new names/sounds and have good time with this music.

So meet beatmakers Def Dee, Funky DL, BluntOne, dbaby kai, G.Bonson, Stone Detectives, Astronote, Elaquent, Skeezo and Kaytradamus ~

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Def Dee –

Funky DL –

BluntOne –

dbaby kai –

G.Bonson –

Stone Detectives –

Astronote –

Elaquent –

Skeezo –

Kaytradamus –

This is only artists promotion, not commercial product~

p.s. if you have any questions, wanna help or join Arkisound project, please write in email:

– Arkisound

Lartizan & Skeezo – Bootleg Remixes Trilogy


...Don’t MisS! 06. Stick Up 11. Gossip Folks 12. Yeah You Know it 16. Devine Qui Débarque 18. Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy 32. Blood Type 35. Power Bars 38. Appreciate 44. The Ride 49. Step Up 50. Off Top...

Old school Times ^^ Remember

About LartizanQ: Why this name? A: I know Artists…real ones…so i know i’m just a handmaker (=artisan in french). (Source:

hip-hop / old school

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