JEDA 41 – Desmond

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jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

Bluebottle Records Presents: A New Dawn


New soundy horizons on you way~ – Arkisound 

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. Gusto – City of Angel
  • 04. Ine & Don Cerino – The Psycle
  • 07. Marie, Nieve & Noah King – Hope
  • 08. SoulChef – For You
  • 11. Hy-Definition – Breathless

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hip-hop / beats / soul

Avens – Recipe For Life


...Don’t MisS! 01. Amity...

Great EP mood ^^

About Recipe for Life: Polish producer Avens first EP on Bluebottle Records named “Recipe For Life“. This EP contains the 5 main ingredients needed for life, Amity, Faith, Hope, Love and Family. Soothing melodies will work their way down to your soul and take you back to those moments that we cherish in life.

Video from song “Love”:

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

Made in Japan – Pairs

Kartais reikia duoti peno kitiems garsams, man patinka! – Arkisound

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