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Cult Classic Records Presents

~enjoy N support great hip-hop music from Cult Classic Records label~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 03. Saib. & Thomas Prime – Sand Castles
  • 06. KAA.DDU & Thomas Prime – Patterns
  • 08. Lancet & Thomas Prime – Konopie
  • 10. KAA.DDU & Thomas Prime – Never Give Up ft. KnowMads

from Cult Classic ReocordsCult Classic Records Presents is a compilation of new music from some of our upcoming projects that we will be releasing across 2017. We hope you enjoy this winter compilation and have a great year!

hip-hop / beats / instrumental / jazz-hop

Thomas Prime – Cult Classic Remixes


~enjoy N support great jazz-hop music~ – Arkisound

♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Samurai Guru vs Akin Yai (DJ Low Cut) – B.C Before Crack (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 03. Ljones vs CYNE – Tide of Life (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 07. SAZ vs Awon (Kameleon Beats) – Shine (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 08. KAA.DDU vs MYK (Shirosky) – 5 Percenter (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 11. Kanibeat vs Ahnom (Breezewax) – Missing You (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 12. Pe2ny vs Awon (Thomas Prime) – Intellectual Criminals ft. Mckinley Dixon & Dicap (Thomas Prime Remix)
  • 14. Funky DL – Clock Watchers (Thomas Prime Remix) 2016
  • 15. Thomas Prime & Tom Pepe – Live Forever (Bonus Track)

About Mixtape: This is a selection of remixes I’ve been working on for the past couple of years, nearly all of them are official and most have never been remixed before. In total I used over 50 different songs to make these 15 Remixes, so I need to say a big Thank you to everyone involved, I hope I did your work justice.

jazz-hop / beats



Happy Easter!~ I hope you enjoying your time with family & friends~

This is great time for Arkisound, because I releasing first digital promotion compilation Monthly#Soundy#1 ^^ If you like instrumental, jazz-hop, hip-hop, beats, chilly genres you have to stop for a while and listen these sounds, it’s really magic~ believe me ^^ In this compilation you will find Woody, NBW, Joseph Jacobs, El Gambina, Landon Wordswell, Thomas Prime, Awon, Emancipator, Fresh Sly, Mimi Smooth, Yeiv. In below you will find Monthly#Soundy#1 download link with songs, bio, pages and Arkisound have a little exclusivity with Q&A. I hope you enjoy this little promotion and share it with other people around the world~

Download – Monthly#Soundy#1

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