Moka Only – To The Next Season


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About Moka Only: Well…I don’t want to brag, but I did it. 12 albums for 2016 and I’m happy with all of them. It’s hard to pick a favourite, they all have their own flavour. I wanted to close it on a good note with this album. This one is sort of an extension of Martian Xmas in a sense that winter is the prevailing theme. This project ends where the new year began, with a track that was intended for the Brutal album. I figured that makes sense with this project since ‘World of Mine’ was recorded last December. ‘Goin with this’ was another Brutal track that just didn’t fit on that project. It’s delicious here. There’s more nostalgia on this album than I’ve showcased in a long time. I mean, it’s often nodded towards, but I went deep up in it on this collection. The song ‘Come Back’ is urging the old heads to come back to a world in which they probably never should’ve been distanced from. One of my faves on the album is ‘Where Did All the Muffin Shops Go’. It’s a bit silly, but valid as a perfect example of how so many standards of the 90s have been largely forgotten in favour of the next trend. It speaks metaphorically of 90s hiphop too. ‘Join Me Now’ is a cool ass winter track from 2014. Had to include it here. It fit. Just so you know, I don’t just go looking for old filler. It’s not as if I don’t record a ton of new tracks for every project, but rather I pull old tracks for the pure purpose of contextual enhancement. Sometimes it’s older instrumentals and sometimes it’s vocals. That is just how I do art. To end this off, I must give a big thanks to URBNET for allowing me to make this dream come true! I’ve always wanted to be with a label that gave me the freedom to be as creative and prolific as I want. URBNET is my home base and I’m very thankful for them. Big thanks to St. Mic for mastering ten out of these twelve albums, you’ve been great. Thank you to the legions of Torcharoons who keep me rolling. Torchlight Commission is my crew. Happy New New, people. Love.


Audiohope – Light in the Sea Vol. 2


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♠ Don’t MisS 

  • 02. Bristling Leaves
  • 09. Love Medley
  • 11. Spiral remix
  • 12. Morning Horizon
  • 13. Song of joy
  • 15. Seasonal interlude
  • 16. Clairvoyance

About Audiohope: “Light in the Sea is a series of beats I specially made in the sound of Nujabes legacy. I wanted to have music of my own to sound similar but to be totally new to everyone’s ears . As soon as anybody hears any of this sound, they will know exactly who I made it for and why . Light in the Sea vol.2 is a big step for me as a musician , and not only as a beat maker. So Here, I give you guys this project in dedication to Nujabes legacy.”

jazz-hop / beats / instrumental

Beats for Change (Worldwide Family) – The Ramen Skate Sessions


...Don’t MisS! 01. Colours Within 07. Hope 09. Hold On 11. For The Osaka Skaters 15. Caress 19. Kasaibashi...

About Compilation: This Japan focused release “The Ramen Skate Sessions” is an exclusive 19 track heavy weight producer compilation with all 100% of proceeds going to Second Harvest Japan – A Group that helps out with hunger needs in Japan. Read more about what Second Harvest is doing in Japan

The audio release is part of a larger collaboration with The Mint and Soundboarding, 2 skate boarding brands in Osaka, Japan. With them we’ve teamed up to release a limited edition skate deck designed by Marvin Bruin as well as a live music event in Osaka on October 17th, 2014 at The Mint store. Thank you for all your support on this!

beats / hip-hop /electro / dub

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