Urban Waves – 2012 Single Series


...Don’t MisS! 01. Grendizer 05. Sleeping Pods 08. Morning in Japan...

Welcome New Faces New Sounds

from Urban Waves: If you have been following us all year long you’re probably familiar with these tunes. But if you are just discovering the label and want a quick view of our artists and activities this is a good place to start.

In 2012 we presented a single series through Soundcloud by diverse upcoming producers which started working with Urban Waves during that year. Some track are exclusive to the series and other were taken from released albums on Urban Waves Records.

Each track has its own artwork presented in a round fashion as they appeared on Soundcloud and as a tribute to the vinyl dubplate tradition.
We thought it was proper as a starting label to pay respect to analog and physical formats. While we are progressing into the digital era classic formats as the vinyl and cassettes are getting more and more forgotten. But we don’t know many who would openly declare they prefer how the cold perfection of digital music sounds compared to the warm uniqueness of analog formats.

During 2012, we started offering physical releases as cassettes and hopefully vinyls will follow this year!

Feel free to grab this and if you wish please support the artists & label!

PS. You can see the artworks by clicking on each track. They will appear in your players (like itunes, ipods, etc) except for the first track (go figure bandcamp) anyway if you are a perfectionist (like myself) you might want to manually download and replace that image. Or go download the track from soundcloud it already has proper meta-tag.

Have a wonderful new year 2013
Urban Waves

hip-hop / glitch / electro / 8-bit / beats

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