Word is Bond presents: K​-​Murdock – Champloo’d (Remixes and ReWorks)


...Don’t MisS! 14. Scepticold (Doc-Van-Gelis Remix)...

Inspiration from Samurai Champloo ^^ YeY!

www.thewordisbond.com proudly presents “Champloo’d” an amalgamation of K-Murdock’s remixes and re-workings created over the last 12 months totalling to 16 unreleased gems for ya’ll to enjoy. All for FREE, this is K-Murdock, Tuan and WIB’s gift to everyone this holiday as thanks for your readership. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a wallpaper too as part of the free download bundle on Bandcamp, featuring Tuan’s great artwork.

K-Murdock (neosonicprod.com) has kindly agreed to make this a Word Is Bond exclusive, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. K-Murdock has a very unique style, and if you know Panacea and are a fan like us, then you’ll love the sounds on “Champloo’d“.

The cover of the album was made by the very talented Tuan Hollaback (www.tuan-hollaback.com) a take on the classic anime “Samurai Champloo

I suppose you guys noticed it, the art cover is deeply inspired by Samurai Champloo imagerie. The reasons are simple: K-Murdock is a huge fan of Samurai Champloo (plus he kinda looks like Mugen) and the album name’s “Champloo’d“! Talking about inspiration right? So it was also a good occasion to pay homage to that awesome anime serie in drawing an artwork with similar tons and a similar vibe. – Tuan Hollaback

If you’ve been following WIB from the get go, you know we’ve always been very close to K-Murdock, and this release is just a small taste of what’s to come. You probably remember us mentioning back in 2011 that we were partnering with Neosonic Music to release Net-Works – well, we are still working hard on that album behind closed doors and have more features that you can imagine. Loads of underground legends have joined us, and you can expect that to drop in 2013. A two year album in the making; you know that’s going to be good. We promise it will be worth the wait.

instrumental / beats / hip-hop

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